Training Platform

The overarching aim of SUP&R ITN is to provide high quality interdisciplinary, inter-sectors and international training to young researchers, thereby contributing to the development of a new generation of multidisciplinary engineers, fully able to work within the field of sustainable road and rail technologies.

The overall training objectives of SUP&R ITN are:

  • To provide researchers with high quality network-wide training, thereby fully exploiting the network potential and network complementarities.
  • To provide local individual training to prepare and optimise their individual research projects¬† and to develop their future research careers.
  • To transfer existing knowledge between partners (to the ESRs and ERs) and to transfer new knowledge gained during the course of the project within the ITN to the wider community.
  • To train researchers using web-based tools, free and/or open-source, in order to develop and manage their own research projects, but also to work as a real team with the other ESRs and ERs of SUP&R ITN by sharing ideas, documents, references online and so making them available to everyone, every-time and everywhere.
  • To give the opportunity, where feasible, to create an outstanding training environment leading to PhD degrees with European certification as well as accelerated career progression for ERs.

These objectives will be achieved through a structured programme of activities crafted and implemented within the WP4 and WP6. Details are in the following sections: