Research Framework

SUP&R ITN will drive the researchers on their multidisciplinary training-through-research pathway by closely investigating promising pavements and railway technologies with practical methods, models and tools for estimating their sustainability. This will be carried out through a systematic integration of sustainability aspects at a very early stage in the technology design. The SUP&R ITN programme will achieve these results by developing inter-linked research projects aiming at:

  • Developing new sustainable technologies and materials for use in road pavements (highways) and railway transport infrastructure (standard railway infrastructure or high speed railways).
  • Providing advanced characterisation of recycled and reused materials generated from road and railway infrastructure and/or other production processes for use in road and railway infrastructure.
  • Developing detailed material modelling and design approaches for immediate uptake by industrial stakeholders working in the area of transport infrastructure.
  • Developing and refining estimation tools so that industry can assess where it currently stands in key sustainability indicators and determine how much it can improve using low-energy and more recycled materials. Such estimation tools will allow industry, road and railway agencies to recognize the sustainability of different construction techniques, materials and methods, as well as the potential cost and resource savings enabling the deployment of more sustainable technologies.