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Long term Performance of Low-Temperature Asphalt Mixes containing Reclaimed Asphalt

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Hello all!

My name is Miguel Perez Martinez, and I’m the Early Stage Researcher 3 in the SUP&R ITN project. I’m from Granada, Spain, but currently I’m based in Nantes, France.

After completing my degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Granada (Dec 2010), I worked as a junior researcher at the LabIC.ugr (Laboratory of Construction Engineering, in Granada, Spain) for six months and at CEMOSA, engineering company in Malaga (Spain) during another six. The last step before landing in the research world was as a construction supervisor for EUROCONSULT in the High Speed Train Line: Antequera-Granada.

Since February 2012, I’m working on research. First as junior research (2012-2014) in the LabIC.ugr in Granada, where at the same time I completed a Master degree in Structural Engineering, and then as a SUP&R ITN fellow from May 2014, when I achieved a Marie Curie scholarship involving IFSTTAR, The University of Nottingham and Eiffage Travaux Public.

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Granada to NantesResearch lines

My main research interests lie on the field of pavements, with a particular emphasis on sustainable pavements.  I’m also interested on the reduction of manufacture temperature, as e.g. foamed bitumens, surfactant and chemical additives, and the utilization of reclaimed asphalt pavement. Here I will summarize the main parts of the project, as well as more information about my research will be updated on the different post that are about to come.

Keywords: Warm mix asphalts; Foaming process; Reclaimed asphalt pavements; ageing protocols; bitumen modelization; molecular weight distributions.

SUP&R ITN ESR3 Project:
Long term Performance of Low-Temperature Asphalt Mixes containing Reclaimed Asphalt

Considering all the terms included in the title, the aim and scope of the project can be imagined. It is the study of asphalt mixtures, but with some tricks. Firstly, we would like to give confidence to the processes that reduce asphalt mixture manufacture temperature. Secondly, we consider the addition of reclaimed asphalt pavement in order to reduce the amount of natural aggregates on the mixture. And finally we focus the research on its durability.

With this three main concerns we try to  identify specific damages on the processes affectin LTA with RAP, so some of the mix components properties and interactions can be determined  involving micro and macro scale. Thus, with the understanding of this damages processes we look foward to give some recomendations about mix design procedures and mechanical testing.


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ITN Presentations

Training week 1 in Nottingham:  2014Sept. ESR3 Training week presentation

Training week 3 in Dublin: 2015March. ESR3 Dublin Training week presentation

Summer School in Palermo: 2015September. ESR3 Palermo Training week presentation

Winter School in Granada: February. ESR3 Granada Training week presentation

Congresses and Seminars

2016 – 8th RILEM International Conference of Cracking and Debonding in Pavements in Nantes, France – Oral presentation

2016 – 6th Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress in Prague, Czech Republic- Poster presentation

2015 – XXVth World Road Congress in Seoul, Korea – Poster presentation

2015 – 8th International RILEM SIB Symposium in Ancona, Italy

2015 – Micromechanical Analysis of Asphalt Concrete – TU Delft, The Netherlands

2015 – Journées Techniques Routiers 2015 – Nantes, France

2014 – Recyclage des enrobés bitumineux en France et en Allemagne. ESTP Paris, France

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