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My name is Simona, I’m Italian and I participate in the project Sup&rITN.
I started my research in the month of June 2014 at the Centro de Tecnología Repsol (CTR).

In my mobility program there are two secondments, the first in the University of Huelva in 2015, and the second in the University of Nottingham in the year 2016, both for a period of five months. loghi superitin


My project is a part of the study of road paving sustainable, and in particular relates to the study of a hybrid system in which it is used in the mixture of bituminous conglomerate the crumb tire rubber together with a polymer matrix which improves the physical and mechanical performance during the life useful pavement.

lifecycleThe importance of the use of crumb rubber tire in large quantities is very important in line with the recycling of huge amounts of used tires produced in the world each year.

In the European Union the used tyres annual build-up is of about 3.250.000 tons of pieces.


The roads realized with “modified asphalts” with crumb rubber offer several advantages:

  •  high durability of the pavement and exceptional resistance to aging, with international experience of duration up to three times compared to that of a traditional asphalt
  • consequent significant reduction of interventions and maintenance costs
  •  considerable noise reduction
  •  excellent drainage in case of rain, with strong improvement in visibility
  • excellent response in the event of sudden braking
  • use of a resource resulting from the recycling of tires disused, an operation of important environmental value



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