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This project will investigate the design of binders to be used for the design of low-temperature asphalt mixes. Temperature reduction in the manufacture of asphalt mixes is highly desirable for many reasons such as to decrease costs, through lower energy consumptions, and to reduce atmospheric emissions. Moreover, in addition to the immediate environmental and economic advantages, the development of WMA technology can induce improvements in health and safety conditions and allow longer haul distances and construction season. On these grounds, the development of binders containing waxes, surfactants and/or the use of binder dispersions by foaming or emulsification may contribute to these goals. The project will also include data collection for assessing improved sustainability.

“Keyword: Modified bitumen…Emulsion…Surfactant…Low Temperature…WMA…Product Design”

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Avido Yuliestyan

I have a Bachelor degree in Chem. Eng. from GMU (Indonesia). After graduation, i started my career as a process engineer at PERTAMINA, for 3 years. Since then, Petroleum product, particularly the heavy fraction, became my interest due to its unique characteristic. For that, i pursued a higher education in the field of rheology in Europe. I obtained my M.Sc. in Chem. Eng (engineering rheology) from KULeuven (Belgium), UMinho (Portugal) and UHu (Spain). In 2013, I had the opportunity to join complex formulation group in R&I dept., in Germany. There, I enjoyed my time formulating a novel complex fluid product. And now, i am in the CFE research group of the University of Huelva, where i formulate my binder for sustainable pavement, within the SUP&RITN platform.



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