Outreach and Dissemination

Outreach and Dissemination

Outreach Activities

SUP&R ITN involves a series of outreach activities for public audiences around Europe. These activities, are carried out by the SUP&R ITN fellows and supported by coordination at UNOTT. Work Package 6 (WP6) coordinates the communication between the scientific community and the general public to convey the importance of and increase the awareness of sustainability in road and rail infrastructure. Here are the outreach activities (updated regularly):

Outreach Training

2015 Jan – Nottingham UK – Outreach Training

To prepare for outreach activities, all fellows attended the course Public Understanding of Science – Communication Skills for Researchers at University of Nottingham. This training gave the fellows skills to work with young people and helped them prepare hands-on activities” they can use to communicate their research to non specialists.

Workshop Days

The fellows work directly at schools, where the effectively become “Marie Curie Ambassadors.”

SUP&R ITN Open Days

During training weeks for the fellows, the public and other entities (like industry) are invited to an open day. These have been held in the different countries of the host institutions.

Multimedia Releases

SUP&R ITN fellows have produced videos to introduce their research to the world. To find all the videos easily, visit the SUP&R ITN Youtube channel.

Dissemination Activities


Davide Lo Presti


Annual International Conference on Asphalt, Pavement Engineering and Infrastructure, Liverpool GB. The International Journal of Pavement Engineering and Asphalt Technology | H. Lacalle Jiménez, J. Tuck | “Laboratory trials of cold recycled foamed bitumen asphalt, Raf Waddington”



Road Materials and Pavement Design | A. Jiménez del Barco Carrión, D. Lo Presti & G.D. Airey | “Binder design of high RAP content hot and warm asphalt mixture wearing courses”

Stephenson Conference Research for Railways, London GB | “Determination of vertical alignment of track using accelerometer readings”


ECCOMAS COMPDYN 2015, Crete, GR | “Drive-by structural health monitoring of railway bridges using train mounted accelerometers”


EATA 2015, Stockholm SE |


Railway Engineering 2015, Edinburgh GB | “Laboratory simulation of field loading condition and maintenance operations”

Railway Engineering 2015, Edinburgh GB |



RILEM SIB Young Researchers Workshop, Ancona IT  | M. Perez Martinez | “Towards the durability study of warm mix asphalt containing reclaimed asphalt pavement”

RILEM SIB, Ancona IT | M. Perez-Martinez, P. Marsac, T. Gabet, E. Chailleux | “Prediction of the mechanical properties of aged asphalt mixes from FTIR measurements”


XXV Road World Congress, Seoul South Korea | M. Perez-Martinez, P. Marsac, T. Gabet, M. Lopes, S. Pouget, F. Hammoum | “Durability Analysis Of Different Warm Mix Asphalt Containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement”

N. Colinas-Armijo, M. Di Paola and F. P. Pinnola | “Fractional characteristic times and dissipated energy in fractional linear viscoelasticity”


TRB 2016 AFD001 Subcommitee on “Sustainable Pavements”, Washington DC USA

Davide Lo Presti


Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part F: Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit  | P. Quirke, D. Cantero, E.J. O’Brien,  C. Bowe |  “Drive-by detection of railway track stiffness variation using in-service vehicles” 



International Conference on Railway Technology: Research, Development and Maintenance, Cagliari IT | “Using PUMA test to predict performance of stabilised ballasted trackbed”


SETAC 2016, Nantes FR | “Using LCA for Comprehensive Sustainability Assessment”

ASEFMA, Madrid ES | J.M. Lizarraga Lopez |  “Field investigation of an urban pavement rehabilitation using Half-Warm Recycled Asphalt Mixes, with bitumen emulsion, containing high and total contents of RAP”

International Conference on Mechanics of Time Dependent Materials, Paris FR | N. Colinas-Armijo, G. Cottone, M. Di Paola |
“Viescoelastic modeling by Katugampola fractional derivative”


Paul Marsac

Euroasphalt & Eurobitume Congress, Prague CZ | H. Lacalle Jiménez, J.P. Edwards, N.H. Thom |  “Comparison between laboratory results for cold recycled bound materials and DBM50 used in airfield pavements”

Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress, Prague CZ | M. Perez-Martinez, P. Marsac, A. Themeli, E. Chailleux, M. Lopes, T. Gabet, F. Hammoum | “Long term properties assessment of HMA and WMA with RAP through the apparent molecular weight distribution variation of the binder”

RILEM MCD, Nantes FR | M. Perez-Martinez, P. Marsac, M. de Mesquita Lopes, T. Gabet, S. Pouget, F. Hammoum | “Effects of Ageing on Warm Mix Asphalts with High Rates of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement”

Construction and Building Materials | G. D’Angelo, N. Thom, D. Lo Presti | “Bitumen stabilised ballast, a potential solution for railway trackbed”

Stochastic Mechanics Conference, Capri IT | N. Colinas-Armijo, M. Di Paola | “On the influence of stochastic train speed variation in the mechanical behaviour of fractional viscoelastic rail track ballast”

TOP Conference, Ischia IT | D. Badagliacco, N. Colinas-Armijo, M. Di Paola, A. Valenza | “Evaluation of the temperature effect on the fractional linear viscoelastic model for an epoxy resin”

SUP&R ITN Annual Dissemination Events

Every year the SUP&R ITN programme  has an annual dissemination event. This is a group talk that has been given at:

The final outreach event will be the SUP&R ITN Symposium in 2017. This event will be an occasion to share the achievements of the entire consortium to the scientific community and to the general public. For that event, the consortium will premier the SUP&R ITNmovie. The illustrated film will present the sustainability aspects of the studied technologies for a wide audience. This movie will represent a high quality educational resource to everyone from teachers to business to community leaders.