Training activities

Training activities

Local training activities

The SUP&R ITN fellows will conduct their research primarily at their host institutions but complemented with network-wide supervision arrangements. This local training features a number of important elements, including:

  • Each ESR/ER will have individual scientific and on-the-job training provided by academic and industry partners and tailored to his/her specific research project.
  • The ESR/ER  will be encouraged to interact with the local research group at their host institution. This will include research forums, national symposiums and meetings. This approach will ensure that the ESR/ER  achieves a true perspective of the research being conducted at the local level. Similarly, perspectives acquired during this secondment can be brought back to the host institution and shared with fellow researchers.
  • Most of the partners are located at universities with strong post-graduate programmes with modules on various topics related to managing transport infrastructure. The ESRs will have access to these modules, which include scientific lectures, but also generic research methods, project management, etc.
  • At the very initial stage of the programme, if needed all the fellows will be provided language courses from the host institutions.

Network-wide training activities

This training will be offered network-wide and will focus on the skills that fellows will need to develop during and after the development of the their PhDs. This training will offer the opportunity to fellow to team up and to provide them with a great exposure to the industrial partners. The training programme will launch with a kick-off meeting to introduce the fellows to SUP&R ITN, to build up team spirit and to deliver the basic scientific training. Furthermore, network-wide meetingsworkshopssummer schools, training weeksand outreach activites will be organised at least once a year. Network-wide training activities will be coordinated by the University of Nottingham but will take place at the different institutions of the consortium.

Here the calendar and details of the on-going training programme which will be constantly updated:

The training activities will be generally reserved for SUP&R ITN fellows but they will be occasionally opened to external participants. Contact us for details and questions